NATASHAZ entertainment  is a full service agency, meeting your all demands in planning your  special event. Our all team members have an exceptional proficiency allowing them to visualize and design your event, while at the same time keeping the little details in mind. We are proud to be artistic,  well organized and driven to grant the best service in an entertainment industry. We have a wide ranging set of connections of vendors and purchasing power to ensure best prices for your event.

           Choosing  Venue

We have an experience in working with all the leading venues. we can make you select the best venue for your event in great prices.

Event Coordination

Our all team members have an exceptional proficiency set allowing them to visualize and design an event, while at the same time keeping little details in an order.  



Brand Launching

Our team has a strong marketing strategy to provide you the great guidelines in launching your product/business, gaining recognision and building your own brand.

Event Styling/Decor

We have history  of designing classy events. With our professional skills and uniquesense of styling, 

we can make your event look fantabulous. 


We can provide your event exceptional lighting, sound and music and make your event complete entertainment and memorable.  


Our company has ample of exceptional talent for your private events, which will not just wow your guests but  will also enliven your whole even.

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